LinkedIn Masterclass

The EXP Blueprint and Arkadia Foto have joined forces to create an event focused on empowering individuals to use LinkedIn more effectively . This two-hour session, led by Robyn from The EXP Blueprint and Cornelia from Arkadia foto, is designed to help participants stand out on LinkedIn, optimize their profiles, and learn how to have a stand-out profile picture!

LinkedIn plays a huge role in professional visibility, networking, and career advancement. Our event emphasizes the significance of an optimized profile. Attendees will gain insights into how to effectively showcase their skills, experiences, and accomplishments whilst still maintaining your own personality.

A compelling LinkedIn profile is highlighted as a key factor in setting individuals apart and enhancing their opportunities for career growth and business development.

In Sweden, LinkedIn stands as an important platform, playing a central role in professional networking, career progression, and job exploration. A well-curated LinkedIn profile is not  an online resume only; it serves as a glimpse into your experience, your personal brand and how you present yourself online professionally.

The collaboration between The EXP Blueprint and Arkadia Foto offers a comprehensive approach, combining expertise in LinkedIn optimization and the importance of a professional profile picture.

This  strategy aims to provide attendees with practical knowledge to be able to make changes immediately on their profile and how they use LinkedIn to make positive changes.

Participants can expect to receive valuable insights into both optimizing their LinkedIn profiles and understanding the power of a professional online image.

EXP & Arkadia Foto present

LinkedIn Masterclass

Join us for a 2-hour session at The EXP Hub, Mellbyvägen 33, Partille, 43330.

On Thursday 13th of March 2024 starting at 14:00.

Session Highlights:
• Introduction to the power of LinkedIn
• LinkedIn profile optimization tips
• Significance of a strong profile picture
• DIY guide to a great profile picture at home
• Practical insights on using LinkedIn effectively
• Q&A session to cover any burning questions

All for just 250SEK per/person

Tea and coffee will be available at the event, parking can be found HERE and the closest public transport are HERE for buses, and HERE for trains. There is limited parking at the space, and this cannot be guaranteed.

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