LinkedIn Masterclass

The EXP Blueprint and Arkadi foto have come together in support of Opportunity day to create this event to support you to be seen and heard online when looking for a new career, opportunity or role.

A 1 hour session ran by Robyn from The EXP Blueprint and Cornelia from Arkadiafoto that will support you to stand out on LinkedIn and know how to optimise your profile and create a great profile picture.

LinkedIn is crucial for professional visibility, networking, and career advancement. It showcases your skills, experiences, and accomplishments to a vast audience of potential employers and collaborators. In a competitive job market, a compelling LinkedIn profile sets you apart, making you more appealing and increasing your opportunities for career growth.

EXP & Arkadia Foto present

LinkedIn Masterclass

Run down of the session: 

The 1 hour session begins at 16.30 at The EXP Hub 

Here’s what you can expect! 

  • The power of LinkedIn an introduction
  • How to optimise your LinkedIn profile
  • The Importance of your profile picture
  • How to take a great profile picture at home
  • How to use LinkedIn
  • Q and A 

Tea and coffee will be available at the event, parking can be found HERE and the closest public transport are HERE for buses, and HERE for trains. There is limited parking at the space, and this cannot be guaranteed.

EXP Highlight

Meet our Speakers

Robyn MacMillan

Cornelia Schmidt