Open House/Networking

On Monday the 13th we are opening our office for an open house/networking event in support of Opportunity Day! 

This event is for anyone that wants to connect and discuss beginning a business or has an idea that they want to monetise and turn into their future career, it is also for those that are currently looking to enter the job market within Gothenburg and want to meet others who are on the same path!

Welcome to the EXP Hub, where creativity knows no bounds and productivity finds its home. In a world where conformity often stifles individuality, we’ve crafted a haven for those who dare to be different, for the dreamers and doers who yearn for a workspace as unique as they are. 

The EXP presents

Open House/Networking

At The EXP Hub, we’re not just providing a place to work; we’re curating an experience. Imagine a space where your ideas flow freely, where innovation takes root, and where collaboration is second nature. This is not your typical office; it’s a canvas for your imagination.

We look forward to welcoming you to our space!

Run down of the session
The 1 hour session begins at 18:00 at The EXP Hub

Here’s what you can expect! 

  • An initial introduction of the space and who we are At The EXP Hub 
  • Networking and connection 
  • Open Q and A and discussion
  • Roundup and Thankyou

Tea and coffee will be available at the event, parking can be found HERE and the closest public transport are HERE for buses, and HERE for trains. There is limited parking at the space, and this cannot be guaranteed.

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Robyn MacMillan

George MacMillan

Jennifer Ollis Blomqvist

Stan Ferguson-Smith

Cornelia Schmidt

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